Our selection: 5 interior design images

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

At Luft Images one of the most important things is to help our clients to achieve their vision and goals, and one of the ways help them is through interior design proposals. Some times the client delivers a precise interior design proposal and we help them evaluate it. Other times we start from scratch, from an empty space, and work with our clients all the way through to the final image.

These are five of the favorite interior images of Luft Senior GC Artist Diego Ugarte.

1. ''In this image we explore modern materials and colors so that, together with the lighting, a different, purposeful and contrasting result is obtained''. (Interior design by Luft)


2. ''In this restaurant of a hotel in Peru the challenge was to achieve a look of a night environment but without losing the general lighting of the space''. (Interior design by the client)


3. ''This selection shows very well how important it was to be able to design an environment that shows the warmth of this bedroom, which together with a visible patio, natural materials and a soft morning light was achieved''. (Interior design by Luft)


4. ''The task in this real estate project was to make something original, and to be aimed at a young adult target audience with a taste for design''. (Interior design by Luft)


5. ''In this image we are proud to show how we achieve, through interior design, set the space in such a way that furniture and architecture do not compete for the protagonism of the project''. (Interior design by Luft)