A look inside 3D Virtual Tours

In a time of many changes, where everything is online, 3D Virtual Tours are one of the most interesting tools to experience architecture.

2020 was one of the most difficult years most companies have ever endured, and people changed drastically the way they relate with spaces and architecture. Working from home, having online meetings and ordering online became some of our main activities as individuals, but... What about architecture and real estate marketing?

Brown Norte Real Estate Project - Client: Inmobiliaria Inspira

Luft Images Director's, Max Daiber, discusses about the importance of this tool, ''Virtual tours are a great way to communicate about spaces, it lets the untrained eye wander around, to discover, to experience architecture in a meaningful way. It was already a great tool but this past year has been definitely the most important sales tool in the real estate industry''.

''We look forward to 2021 to reinforce this way of communicating architecture, and to keep helping our clients to sell their projects in the most efficient and truthful way''.

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